Lee's Summit Internet Sex Crime Attorneys

In the U.S., everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, after being accused of an Internet sex crime, many people feel as if they are already guilty in the eyes of their friends, family and employers.

At The Law Offices of Taylor & Taylor, LLC, we never presume your guilt. Instead, we fight for your innocence. From our office in Lee's Summit, we defend clients throughout Missouri and Kansas who are facing criminal Internet sex charges.

Building A Strong Defense Against Online Sex Crimes

Being convicted of an online sex crime will change your life forever. It is in your best interests to consult an attorney who is devoted to you and your defense. At The Law Offices of Taylor & Taylor, LLC, we will fight for your rights, your reputation and your freedom.

Common Internet sex crimes include:

  • Downloading, possessing, file sharing or distributing child pornography online
  • Online enticement of a child
  • Online solicitation of a prostitute
  • Indecent exposure over the Internet
  • Juveniles who have been charged with online sex crimes

We also represent clients who have been charged with a sex crime through online entrapment and sting operations.

We know what evidence the prosecution needs to get a guilty verdict and we work hard to have that evidence thrown out and testimony withheld. Our firm will evaluate the circumstances surrounding your arrest and the police procedures used. If search warrants were invalid, if police lacked probable cause to question you or if improper interrogation methods were used, we will find out and use it in your defense.

Why Hire A Former Prosecutor?

If you've been charged with an Internet sex crime, you are facing the full force of the government. You need someone with as much knowledge of the law and the criminal justice system as the prosecutor. Attorney Michael Taylor has 20 years of criminal law experience. As a former prosecutor, he knows how the government will build its case against you and the techniques to use to break its case apart.

Don't Wait Until Formal Charges Have Been Filed

One of the biggest mistakes people make is waiting until after they have been arrested to contact a lawyer. If you suspect you are being investigated for possession of child pornography, enticement of a minor or any other online sex crime, you need legal help now. There are steps we can take immediately to shield you from liability and bolster your defense.

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